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Logistics / Distribution specialist


What logistics / distribution specialist do negotiate customer contracts to reduce costs and achieve maximum efficiency calculate total supply chain costs in relation to proposed new products determine in consultation with colleagues whether or not orders should be put to tender manage, co-ordinate and control the order cycle and associated information systems manage the distribution of staff and workforce develop business plans and keep abreast of new developments likely to affect the future purchase and movement of goods and services. A range of business tasks is undertaken to support the smooth and efficient operation of supply chain processes, and typical work activities usually include: monitoring the quality, quantity, cost and efficiency of the movement and storage of goods; coordinating and controlling the order cycle and associated information systems; analysing data to monitor performance and plan improvements and demand; allocating and managing staff resources according to changing needs; liaising and negotiating with customers and suppliers; developing business by gaining new contracts, analysing logistical problems and producing new solutions.


Key skills for logistics / distribution specialist

  • ability to manage change in a busy environment
  • a practical, logical and systematic  approach
  • creative problem-solving and analytical skills
  • strong leadership and teamwork skills
  • excellent IT skills
  • close attention to detail and the ability to sort and sift facts, noting inconsistencies
Kualifikime/ Kërkesa:
  • University degree or similar in the following areas: IT, electronics, marketing,
  • Work Experience  minimum of 3 years in information and communication technology, in business sales and / or engineering work, applied, development and logistic and inventory management
  • Freewill  to work in a team, under pressure and evaluated based on the results
  • Freewill continuous learning, professional training and regular certifications
  • Good speaking and writing English language
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