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RisiAlbania is an innovative project, financed by the Government of Switzerland, that seeks to improve the opportunities of the young Albanian women and men in finding sustainable employment. The project focuses on
(i) fostering job creation through the development of the private sector and also on
(ii) improving the access of young people to quality labor market information and services.

Tirane, Shqipëri 28-09-2020 mbaron sot

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Service Contract (SC)

“Production of short videos featuring women inspirational stories”

Project Unit: RisiAlbania – Partner for Growth

Implemented by: Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation SDC Helvetas Swiss Intercooperation and Partners Albania

Location: Tirana

Estimated duration: October 2020 – January 2021


1. Background

RisiAlbania project is supported by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation SDC and implemented by a consortium consisting of HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation and Partners Albania, in partnership with the Ministry of Finance and Economy. RisiAlbania was initiated in 2013. Phase I of the project ran from November 2013 to October 2017. Currently the project is implementing Phase II, which lasts 4 years (November 2017 to October 2021). The goal of the project in Phase II is to contribute to employment of young women and men (age 15-29) in a socially inclusive and sustainable way.

The goal will be achieved through (i) enhanced growth and job creation by the private sector in three selected subsectors (agribusiness, tourism and ICT), (ii) improved career guidance and job intermediation services and (iii) improved and developed skills of young women and men through market-oriented private non-formal skills training programmes.

Under Gender and Social Inclusion, RisiAlbania aims at ensuring inclusiveness of more women, vulnerable and socially excluded young people in the Albanian labour market through our interventions. A special focus of RisiAlbania is promoting gender inclusion in the labour market and within a decent working agenda.

In Albania there are only a few women owning and leading businesses and the official data says less than 30% of businesses are run by women. On the other hand, a diversified work force has shown to be a great strength of many companies. Diversified workforce companies are: 22% more productive, 27% more profitable, and 39% more satisfied customers. Productivity per worker can be increased up to 40% by eliminating all forms of discrimination against women workers and managers

Continuing our work on the promotion of women that have been working to develop and achieve youth employment opportunities through our interventions RisiAlbania has cooperated with many businesses led by women within all its three components.

2.Objective of this call

A project of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation SDC

RisiAlbania is inviting qualified individuals and media production companies to develop videos that will enable to clearly represent short inspirational stories that promote the importance of having women as employees and leaders in business. The stories shall be provided from the project partners and work. The aim of the videos will be to raise awareness, promote and inspire younger women follow the same model. The main narration of the stories is focused on each selected woman sharing that moment which triggered her wish for embarking on her journey. Further details of script and storyboard will be discussed and agreed with the winner. However, bearing in mind this objective, applicants are invited to propose new ideas.

3. Deliverables

The winning company is expected to:

  • Identify the workplace where the video will be recorded.

  • Develop 10 narratives corresponding to 10 inspirational videos

  • Develop a final full video with all stories merged in one as a mosaic

  • Respect visual identity of the project, donor and implementing parties

    Technical aspects for the videos:

  • Video shooting and editing;

  • Voice over narration – in Albanian and ensuring tone, pacing, intonation,

    pronunciation, word choice, syntax and every other aspect of the video’s narration

    from two (female & male) professional voiceovers;

  • Subtitles in Albanian/English;

  • Full usage rights for music (or music for which copyright has been granted);

  • The length of each fully-produced video should be no longer than 2 minutes in 1920

    – 1080 25fps;

  • Submission of final videos in a USB stick;

  • Electronic copies of videos in the optimal format for Website and Social Media


    The project will support with the description (narrative) of the stories and shall identify the characters.

    In partnership with: Implemented by:

A project of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation SDC

This consultancy involves travelling around the country to conduct video shooting in our partners premises.

The selected company should apply the legal regulations in place from the project and privacy laws requirement when using people's images in footage.

4.Management and reporting

For the duration of the contract, the consultant will be assigned the Gender and Social Inclusion lead (GSI) and Communication Officer (CO), for reporting and accountability. The GSI and CO may accompany the Consultant in several meetings with stakeholders and will be kept informed during work implementation.

  • The scope of the work of the selected candidate does not foresee using the premises of the project but does not exclude the possibility when the need arises.

  • Besides the expected deliverables mentioned in point 3 of these ToRs, the selected candidate is expected to biweekly communicate online with the IM and CO informing, updating on the timetable of next activities and when possible, coordinating joint ones.

  • All materials produced within the scope of this service contract are intellectual property of RisiAlbania.

5. Documents to be included in the submission of the proposals

  • ➢  Work proposal – Concept of technical proposal including detailed work plan;

  • ➢  Financial proposal (free format) - When applicable, provide a detailed cost breakdown for each deliverable and specify VAT value separately;

  • ➢  Portfolio/Curriculum Vitae of the organization and /or individual(s) proposed, documentation of relevant previous experience (samples) and contact details of the respective candidate /team.

    The proposals shall be submitted in English in scanned soft copy, duly signed and stamped, within 28 September 2020, at 17.00 o’clock. Only proposals handed in within the indicated timeline will be considered.

    For any questions you might have related to the application, please contact by email at [email protected]


    6. Candidate assessment and selection

    The selection of the candidate will be evaluated based on a cumulative analysis of the fulfilment of the evaluation criteria. The contract will be awarded to the candidate getting the best technical-economic combination based on the evaluation criteria below:

    1. Evaluation criteria                                                    2. Maximum score per requirement

    Attractiveness of the proposed concept                                            40 %

    Experience and Qualifications of the Company                                 30 %

    Competitive financial offer                                                                   30 %

    Total                                                                                                        100%


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