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Kodi Punës: 75831

Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning (MEAL) Officer

Tirane, Shqipëri 12-04-2023 edhe 21 ditë

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Job Title: Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning (MEAL) Officer
Location: Tirane, Albania

Reference; IRAL\MEAL\03\ALB


Under the direct supervision of Country Director, the MEAL officer will be responsible for implementing and coordinating all monitoring activities, this include, implementation of the collection, analysis, and reporting of data as required for fulfilling donor and management requirements. Implementing MEAL tools; implementing data collection activities, managing technological hardware and software used for data collection; training field staff; and preparing reports, data, feedback, Learning and complaint mechanism for IR projects in Albania. To ensure that existing systems are used properly and also proactively contribute to improve and enhance these systems when gaps or weaknesses are identified. Development and maintenance of systems for the information management of all projects implemented by IR in Albania. To act as the focal point in the office for archives, record keeping and to support the office director implement and maintain policy compliance by coordinating the completion of key record keeping tasks. The MEAL Officer will also work closely with Program team and IR partners to identify monitoring and reporting needs. The MEAL Officer will be based in Tirana/Albania

Office, with frequent travel to the project’s sites in other sub offices.


  • To establish and manage the MEAL system that enhances the quality and accountability of IRW’s work following the organization’s standards, principles and guidelines as well as donor requirements.


The post holder will establish, maintain and manage a comprehensive and effective MEAL system for all programmes / projects that reflects IRW’s values and standards; ensure that the organization delivers on all internal and external MEAL requirements in a timely manner; establish a system for organizational learning; facilitates the country planning process; lend support in programme development; and provide technical support to MEAL colleagues and programmes/projects implementers as well as capacity building opportunities.

This will involve working closely with Programme / Area Coordinators and officers and other field staff to ensure delivery of these commitments. The MEAL Officer will work closely with Programs.

When delegated, the post holder shall represent IRW in various forums and/or to a range of external actors.


The MEAL Officer is responsible in establishing and managing the MEAL system that will allow the Country Office to effectively and efficiently implement appropriate projects and that lessons are captured and shared to inform implementation of current projects and future programs.

She/he will inform the Country Office on the extent to which assistance are making changes on the lives of target population; provide evidence-based knowledge on the positive and/or negative results of assistance on the communities; and share regular, timely and context-specific feedback from staff, partners and communities. The feedback is expected to inform areas where strategic attention is required.

When delegated, she/he represents IRW to a range of external actors, including beneficiaries and other key stakeholders such as local/provincial/national governmental authorities, UN agencies, peer organizations, NGOs, CSOs and the private sector.






1.   Establishing MEAL System

  •  Review and understand all organizational policies, strategies and project proposals.
  • Contextualize  the  existing  IRW  MEAL  Framework  with  country  specific  information  and program specific objectives and indicators
  • Establish and manage a comprehensive and effective monitoring and evaluation system for all programmes/projects
  • Ensure that the organization meets all internal and external MEAL requirements in a timely manner and with credible information
  • Strengthen MEAL systems and processes to guarantee progress and achievement toward programme/project outcomes/objectives
  • Lead internal and external programme/project evaluations as required and ensure conduct of baseline, midline, endline, assessments and Post Distribution Monitoring (PDM) as necessary
  • Review monitoring reports and project reports and provide necessary technical guidance to ensure compliance with programme/project requirements for monitoring and evaluation
  • Ensure that verifiable data are regularly collected and analyzed across programmes/projects, shared with relevant stakeholders to inform programme/project design and review
  • Support Programme Department in ensuring that all programmes/projects are designed and implemented in accordance with international standards (i.e. SPHERE, HAP)
  • Support programme/project teams implementation planning, assessment/evaluation planning
  • In consultation with sector specialists and program team, develop an information management system (IMS) for the tracking of the project level activities, outputs and outcomes.
  • Maintain a unified beneficiary database and other MEAL related information systems ensuring upmost regards for privacy and confidentiality.
  • Orient the program management to gather data for IMS at project level.
  • Undertake process and result monitoring of projects in line with project MEAL plans

2.   Demonstrating Accountability to Affected Populations

  • Facilitate the development of an accountability action plan for each project on the given template and keep track of the progress.
  • Ensure high standard of accountability by setting up community feedback mechanisms and coordinate with the program management on effective use of information and relevant action wherever required.
  • Coordinate with program teams in sharing results of assessments, baselines, reviews and evaluations with beneficiary community and other stakeholders in appropriate format at regular intervals and document the whole process.
  • Provide technical assistance and guidance to programme teams on conducting participatory, community-based and inclusive needs assessments.
  • Verify the presence of inclusive and participatory beneficiary selection criteria and subsequent selection accordingly.
  •  Ensure that participation activities are documented and learning is shared
  • Ensure that all staff at all levels understand and promote accountability through training and coaching
  •  Support in producing and sharing good quality reports 
  • Brief new staff about the Child Protection (CP) policy and Code of Conduct, and about the IRW Complain Policy reporting processes should they witness (or know about) a Child Protection incident that is linked with IRW work.
  • Support partners to develop and implement CP policies if they don’t have one

3.   Organization Learning & Capacity Building

  • Establish and maintain a system for organizational learning (i.e. Develop and maintain a learning log and ensure learning points are embedded at policy and practice levels)
  • Coordinate with program management to budget and organize learning events at regular intervals.
  • Support identification of innovation in programming and ensure evidence-based results are applied in designing programmes/projects. Ensure the documentation of innovation projects and share results and impact with all stakeholders.
  • Identify   opportunities   to   communicate   programme/project   learning   and   information sharing/learning exchanges with other actors.
  • Support  Programme  and  Communications  departments  in  the  development  of  relevant modules and resource materials to support quality programming
  • Gather and disseminate stories, case studies,  photos, quotes as evidences for change  in different projects/programmes
  • Conduct  orientation  sessions  around  MEAL  requirements  and  identify  capacity  building requirements around MEAL for Partner organizations.
  • Supporting colleagues in utilizing MEAL tools for different intervention
  • Participate in project design process as a team member to ensure prior internal and external learning, community-based and inclusive needs assessment and evidence inform project design.
  • Participate and circulate learnings and best practice in the Global MEAL Community of Practice

4.   Support to program management

  • Manage  the  processes  to  ensure  compliance  to  Core  Humanitarian  Standard  and  IHSAN Standards (IRW-Quality Management System).
  • Provide technical support in the development of project specific baseline surveys and review the survey reports.
  • Ensure in coordination with programme, finance and CD that relevant MEAL related budgets are incorporated within project budgets.
  • Write MEAL related sections of each proposal submitted to any donor.
  • Represent Islamic Relief Albania at relevant coordination bodies and participate in webinars, workshops, meetings and other relevant events at national, regional and global levels.

5.   Accountabilities

  • Operational MEAL system
  • Operational Complaints-Response Mechanism
  • Conduct yearly self-assessments and create action plans on IHSAN based on scoring
  • Timely submission of good quality internal and external reports
  • Learnings documented, shared internally and externally as deemed appropriate, and informed programme/project implementation as well as future programmes/projects
  • Regular, timely and context-specific feedback, which points out areas where strategic attention is required, provided to management and project implementers
  • Extent of assistance to which programmes/projects are affecting the lives of target populations shared with management and project implementers
  • Work independently on assigned tasks with minimal supervision 

6. Archives & Records Management (ARM)

  • To support the office director, develop plans to ensure that policy compliance targets are met within the agreed timeframe. To identify and document office record keeping and set up an appropriate dedicated record storage area(s) and to receive and provide dedicated training
  • Transfer of files to country office, identified retained closed files, archived, stored, control access to the storage area establish file access log and regularly inspect the conditions of the dedicated record storage area)
  •  To co-ordinate the destruction of closed files. To identify all closed files that need be kept permanently as IR archives, to co-ordinate the identification of IR publications created
  • To maintain all record keeping registers, forms and logs required under the records management policy as office records.
  • To maintain a stock of records management stationary as per office requirements, for example, archive boxes.

Others duties:

  • Participate in core management team activities
  • Represent the office in coordination meetings and any other meetings as requested
  • Providing regular feedback to the Country Director.
  • Assist in the documentation of the project meetings/workshops.
  • Support in the development of promotional materials, project stories quarterly reports.






Language Skills

  • Fluency in English is required both written and oral.

Qualifications and Experience

  • University education with a focus on IT, Management, statistics or related field,
  • Ability to use MS Office programs, specifically Excel and Access,
  • Experience  in  using  SPSS,  KOBO  as  well  as  programming  languages  (SQL,  JavaScript  etc)  is  highly advantageous,
  • At least 2 to 3 Years Previous experience in a humanitarian organization, with strong practical understanding of Programme implementation or Monitoring and Evaluation and Accountability and Learning,
  • Work experience in food security, livelihood, health & nutrition, WASH, education, community driven development projects and recovery programs,
  • Demonstrated experience in developing assessment tools (e.g. questionnaire, focus group discussions), 
  • Strong understanding of the Logical Framework Analysis (LFA) as well as capacity to develop and analyze problem and make strategic decision,
  • Strong ability to work with team and work independently and meet tight deadlines,
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills, teamwork, flexibility, innovation and leadership, skills,
  • Previous experience in this area will be an asset.

General Skills

  • Resourcefulness and confidentiality
  • Excellent good proposal and report writing skills
  • Exceptional communication skills
  • Excellent training / facilitation and capacity building skills .
  • Excellent negotiation and problem-solving skills.
  • Good team management skills
  • Good planning and analytical capacities
  • Good Research skills
  • Ability to work under pressure and extreme time constraints .
  • Excellent communication and supervisory skills.


Për të aplikuar në këtë pozicion pune, dërgo CV-në tek kompania/organizata me email duke klikuar ose apliko nga

Pre-employment Checks:

Any employment with Islamic Relief Albania will be subject to the following checks:

  • screening clearance
  • receipt of satisfactory references

Our values and commitment to safeguarding

IRW – Albania Office is committed to preventing any type of unwanted behavior at work including sexual harassment, exploitation and abuse, lack of integrity and financial misconduct; and committed to promoting the welfare of children, young people, adults and beneficiaries with whom IRA engages. IRA expects all staff and volunteers to share this commitment through our code of conduct. We place a high priority on ensuring that only those who share and demonstrate our values are recruited to work for us.

The post holder will undertake the appropriate level of training and is responsible for ensuring that they understand and work within the safeguarding policies of the organization.

All offers of employment will be subject to satisfactory references and appropriate screening checks, which can include criminal records checks. IRW also participates in the Inter Agency Misconduct Disclosure Scheme

In line with this Scheme, we will request information from job applicants’ previous employers about any findings of sexual exploitation, sexual abuse and/or sexual harassment during employment, or incidents under investigation when the applicant left employment.

By submitting an application, the job applicant confirms his/her understanding of these recruitment procedures.

Applicants should be sympathetic to the values of Islamic Relief Albania: (Sincerity, Excellence, Compassion, Social Justice and Custodianship) Islamic Relief is an equal opportunities employer. 


 Must be Albanian National 

Interested and qualified candidates should submit their CVs and a brief covering letter of interest in English to  [email protected]  by March 24, 2023.

Only short-listed candidates will be contacted.

More Information on Islamic Relief is available at

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Islamic Relief Albania

Ne jemi një organizatë jo qeveritare (OJQ) ndërkombëtare humanitare e themeluar ne Birmingham, Angli ne 1984 nga një grup studentesh, e cila ka për qëllim të lehtësojë vuajtjet e njerëzve më të varfër në botë. Aktualisht Islamic Relief operon në më shumë se 40 vende të botës dhe për 30 vite me rradhe është duke luftuar varferinë dhe padrejtësitë. Vizioni ynë Të frymëzuar nga besimi ynë Islam dhe të udhëhequr nga vlerat tona, ne synojmë një botë më të dashur, ku komunitetet janë forcuar, detyrimet sociale janë përmbushur dhe njerëzit të bashkuar reagojnë ndaj dhimbjes së të tjerëve.