Raiffeisen Bank Albania

Raiffeisen Bank Albania is one of the largest bank in the country. Its asset base is close to 2 billion Euro. Raiffeisen Bank International purchased the Albanian Savings Bank in 2004 and over the last 11 years has completely transformed the old State Bank into a full service bank serving all sectors of the business and private individual markets. The bank has a product range processes, systems and a branch infrastructure that comp...


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Developing digital channels applications, interpreting technical requirements, engages throughout the steps of application development lifecycle coding, testing to deployment, technical & handover documentation, maintain 2nd level support of existing software solutions, troubleshooting and bug fixing.Providing daily support, for mission critical applications LUKA, Digital Banking, RBAL Core Banking, CBS API Service, Salary+ and several important software products - Early Warning System(EWS), Utility Interfaces, Account Statements, Cash Management application (CRS), Score Card Configuration, OPS Reporting Tool, Sales Force KPI, Service Request Ticket (STS), Payment Workflow etc.


1.Participate in the following steps of application development processa.Technical requirements analysisb.Component implementationc.User Interface designd.Code developmente.Unit testing and integration testingf.Preparation of technical & handover documentation

2.Report development progress and issues which may affect delivery as scheduled

3.Responsible for development and support for the following software applications and interfaces: 

a.LUKA Front Office System, covers bank’s important products delivered to customers ( payment, deposit processing, cash transactions, customer and accounts data managements, statements generation, cards application, anti-money laundry processing and black list management), contract and document forms management and related interfaces connected to core bank system.

b.Digital Banking and related components

c.Central application processing interfaces connected to core banking processing system (RBAL Core Banking, CBS API processing) and middleware component interface connected to e-channels and integrated with core systems.

d.B2B messaging and file service based interfaces (Swift message filters connected swift payment processor), application file based generation for reporting transaction to Bank of Albania and 3party utilities (Budget Account Statement, Multicash Interface, Utility Interfaces, Account Statements).

e.Early Warning System(EWS) for customer risk managementf.Cash Management application (CRS)g.Complementary components of cards and lending systems - Card Inventory System (CIS), Score Card Configuration Application, LORD for loan restructuring and write offh.Performance and KPI applications - OPS Reporting tools for daily operations reconciliation application, Sales Force KPI reporting related to salesi.User processing workflow management applications, Service Request ticketing application (STS), Payment Workflow management application.

4.Provide support for errors/problems on existing solutions, and ensure that incidents/request in service manager are solved in timely manner

5.Develop and unit test applications in accordance with established standards.


•University degree, computer science or similar

•At least 1 year of experience in .NET development & user experience applications

•Microsoft .NET certificates are a plus•In depth knowledge of OOP paradigm

•Programming language expertise (C#, Visual Basic.Net)

•.NET technology stack•ORMs and related tools•RDBMS - SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL

•Web API/WCF•VBA/Ms Office Development

•Visual Studio and Team Foundation Server

•Unit Testing•Very good communication skills

•Ability to work in an agile team•English written and spoken


Email: [email protected]

Raiffeisen Bank deshiron te vere ne vemendjen e kandidateve te interesuar se cdo informacion qe do te paraqesin lidhur me shprehjen e interesit te tyre per sa me siper, do te trajtohet me nje nivel sigurie te stadarteve me te larta ne perputhje te plote me parashikimet e ligjit nr. 9887 date 10.03.2008 "Per Mbrojtjen e te Dhenave Personale" dhe aktet nenligjore te nxjerra ne zbatim te tij. Gjithashtu, me dhenien e ketij informacioni, kandidati i interesuar deklaron dhe jep miratimin e tij per procesimin e metejshem te te dhenave personale te tij nga ana e Raiffeisen Bank vetem per perdorim te brendshem te Bankes dhe vetem per qellimin per te cilin ai ka deklaruar vullnetarisht keto te dhena.

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