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Scopic Software

Scopic Software is a leading authority in quality, economical custom solutions for web, mobile and desktop. Founded in 2006, Scopic now has over 200 team members spread all over the world. They might be a global company, but they cater to specific, local needs. Nothing inspires them more than the challenge of finding the right solution for a complicated problem. Above all, they are dedicated to building unique applications for o...


  • 12 Carly Circle Rutland MA 01543 US
  • Massachusetts, ShBA
  • Tel:
  • Mobile:
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Tirane, Shqipëri 06-12-2018 edhe 17 ditë

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Join the world’s largest virtual company!
Work from anywhere – Flexible hours

Scopic Software is seeking a Remote Consultant Compensation Specialist to join our team of 250+ professionals across 40 countries. This is a part-time consulting position.

The ideal candidate will have extensive experience in assessing and implementing compensation structures for mid-sized businesses and an understanding of the dynamics of a remote company. You must be a motivated, self-driven professional who will thrive in our fast-paced, global environment.

At Scopic, we believe great employees can be found in every corner of the globe, and talent shouldn’t be limited by location. Our employees work in nearly every time zone, from whenever they feel most comfortable, and our company benefits from this diversity of perspectives and expertise.

Bring Your Skills to a Successful, Fast-Growing Software Company
Our innovative virtual model breaks down traditional office barriers, creating an agile, startup-like environment with all the resources, stability, and brand recognition of a large, established company. We are constantly adapting and evolving, and employees are encouraged to think outside the box. If you work hard and deliver quality results, you will do very well here. Pay raises and promotions are merit-based, so your success is in your hands.
Become a Valuable Part of a Dynamic International Team
Unlike huge tech corporations like Google and Microsoft, Scopic employees don’t get lost in bureaucracy or sidelined doing the same boring tasks day after day. On a daily basis, you will collaborate with talented team members from around the world, and have a voice in key decision-making. Scopic employees work independently and are entrusted with considerable responsibility.

Why Work With Scopic Software?
•Flexible working hours, set your own schedule
•Freedom to travel and work from anywhere in the world
•Ability to work wherever you are most comfortable (home, office, café, etc.)
•Flexible payment options – salaried and hourly positions available
•Annual pay increases for good performance
•Interesting, challenging tasks

Salary: $25-$40/hour depending on skills and experience.
This is a part-time remote position. Payment is monthly via wire transfer.
About Scopic Software
Scopic Software is the world’s largest virtual company. Founded in 2006, we have grown consistently by delivering innovative, cutting-edge software products for our clients and creating an empowering environment for our employees.
We build advanced software for clients and users around the globe. With 10+ years in the industry and 1000+ projects under our belt, we’ve developed software for manufacturing, media and entertainment, fintech, retail, and medical. Scopic Software has grown consistently since 2006 and continues to strive to make an impact in the software industry.


•Advise and consult with management and HR in compensation matters such as the application of compensation policy, rewards and recognition programs, salary planning, market and equal pay adjustments, and other salary issues, such as hires, promotions, and merit increases
•Compile and analyze compensation data to evaluate programs that are already in place and identify opportunities for improvement
•Research compensation related issues and provide recommendations, substantiations, and possible alternatives
•Review salary exceptions and special requests
•Determine situations that may require additional management approvals and recommends appropriate actions
•Provide analytical support for the design and administration of compensation programs
•Use analytics to monitor the effectiveness of existing compensation plans, policies, and administrative procedures.


•Work experience 2+ years in related field
•Strong communication and Interpersonal skills, both written and verbal
•Excellent attention to detail.
•Knowledge of the IT/Software industry, is a plus
•Must be independent and disciplined to work remotely
•Advanced English skills verbal and written
•Bachelor's or Master's degree.


Please apply online: https://scopicsoftware.recruiterbox.com/jobs/fk0jw1x?cjb_hash=O_kcWn73&apply_now=true

Learn more about career opportunities at Scopic: scopicsoftware.com/careers


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