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Raiffeisen Bank Albania is one of the largest bank in the country. Its asset base is close to 2 billion Euro. Raiffeisen Bank International purchased the Albanian Savings Bank in 2004 and over the last 11 years has completely transformed the old State Bank into a full service bank serving all sectors of the business and private individual markets. The bank has a product range processes, systems and a branch infrastructure that compares favorably with 21st century European standards. Raiffeisen Bank has the widest branches network with 88 branches on-line, 193 bankomats installed and 1462 point of sales (POS). Raiffeisen Bank Sh.a offers the full range of banking products and services in the 4 key business sectors in which we operate – private individuals, micro businesses, small businesses and corporate business. Raiffeisen Albania, focused on private individual, SME and corporate markets, invested a lot in branch upgrades and computerization. With the introduction of lending to corporate customers and small and medium-sized enterprises, the intensive training of staff and the offering of new banking products. This includes current accounts, payment services, debit and credit cards, overdrafts, and a range of savings and deposit accounts, all forms of borrowing, access to leasing finance, access to pension fund investments, employee banking services including loans and overdrafts, and on-line real time banking services through our market leading, Internet-based facility called Multi Cash, as well as Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, E-commerce, MPAY, etc.

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