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Albacall, product of an industrial culture founded in 1908, has been a leader for over twenty years in the management of contact centers in outsourcing thanks to the organization, processes and innovative technologies developed according to customer needs.
Albacall Sh.A , based in Tirana, operates successfully as a Contact Center for international markets . Thanks to the synergies with the other Business Units within the Group, Albacall is able to offer a customized services based on the integration of contact channels between companies and customers, being nowadays an example of multi-channel contact center.

Albacall aims to become a global business partner and a center of excellence on the international market with regards to define, design and deploy a unique, advanced and innovative system of management services in order to promote the competitive advantage of its customers and promote the culture and values of the so called One Company (philosophy that considers the outsourcer and the client as a single reality).


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