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Megatek S.A is the biggest Do-IT-Yourself wholesale and retail store in Albania. Megatek S.A is part of Teqja Group International, a group of privately owned and anonymous Companies with long experience in the Albanian and regional market offering a vast range of products and services, ranging from mail & logistics to production of industrial materials. The group consists of the following companies: * “Teqja international” s.a. * “Teqja” l.t.d * “Global construction” s.a * TNT Albania * Spartan security & Spartan security systems * Radmail * Albanian company of general services * Reno Albania l.t.d Megatek project cost more than 40 millions of Euro and is built on a private ground of 150.000m2. Only Megatek occupies more than 62.000m2: 14.000m2 retail area, 10.000 wholesale area, 2.100 restaurant and banks, 2.600 offices and the rest parking facilities. Over 380 Megatek employees and 150 others outsourced, work 7 days a week to serve and sell more than 30.000 different products from 48 different countries.

Nga Megatek Albania

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